We Found The Mothership In New Mexico

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Yesterday we were in New Mexico and the structures we saw were, for lack of a better term, out-of-this-world.

We started on a storm that was outside of Tucumcari and it as looking promising.

She had some lowering but did not get organized enough to attempt a tornado. We sat on that storm for a while before deciding to head for another storm that was looking very good on radar.
On our journey there we were passed, then we passed, then were passed again by the TIV. We were heading for the same storm.

Today I am wearing my TIV shirt, needless to say I was excited to see I was chasing the same storm as the TIV. *ahem* TIV2 to be precise *pushes glasses back up onto the bridge of my nose*

I have zero cares that this storm didn’t produce a tornado for us because this structure was beyond amazing. Be-yond. I didn’t think I would ever see the pancake stack with my own eyes not through a computer or tv screen. It was gorgeous. Seeing this giant mesocyclone (usually shortened to meso) spinning above us was amazing. Need I mention we were not far from Roswell, NM? This structure is also sometimes referred to as the mothership. I assure you that no alien probing of any kind occurred.


How awesome it that?!

Then there was another storm coming up behind it and they caused some interesting wind patterns. The rear flank downdraft (RFD) from the first storm was sucked up by the updraft from the second storm. At one point there were two sections of the storm rotating opposite right next to each other like a couple of cogs in machinery. They caused a large amount of dust to be pulled up into the air which some reported as a tornado but was not an actual tornado.

Here you can see the storm in the back and on the right is the clouds from the other. Also the sun peaking out on the top left.

This is a picture of storm chasers and some neat wind patterns, not of a tornado.

Then we were honored with a gorgeous sunset behind the back storm. Which Charles informed us that even though we could not see rain coming down it was in fact hailing, which you can not see as well as the rain shafts. He kept us in the perfect positions to not be affected by any hail which depending on which storm was reported as baseball size.


It was a long but fulfilling day.

Being on the same storm as the TIV was something special. Being around other chasers that not only share your interest but come from all over the world to share in that interest is pretty amazing.
This is all stuff I watched on TV, read about in social media, listened about on podcasts. Here I am being part of it. An actual part of it. Seeing someone else’s picture on twitter of the storm I was just witnessing is pretty damned cool.
I’m normally an introvert (unless I am 89% comfortable around you and/or had a couple of drinks), home-body, live-life-through-a-screen. It’s ridiculous what you may end up being a part of just by stepping outside your door, your comfort-zone, your safety-net.
I encourage everyone to do this at least once in their life. I recommend doing it at least twice.


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