The Colorado Tease

June 6, 2014 at 9:31 PM | Posted in Storm Chasing Vacation 2014 | Leave a comment
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Yesterday, the 5th of June, we followed this storm from start to finish. We were on it for at least 7 hours, watching it grow and grow and try to rotate.
It kept trying to pull itself together to make a nice supercell but it just couldn’t hold itself together enough to drop down a fully formed wall cloud let alone a tornado.

It did have this gorgeous green color indicating its hail core throughout most of its life.

The rain bands were beautiful from afar. Streaking down from the sky and being swept away by the wind.

Each time we moved away from it it decided to try to do something interesting. We stopped at one point because there was some significant lowering and some rotation. We could see dust from the fields being sucked in all across the horizon. Some of the dust started rotating but nothing came of it. The dust just hung in the air after it was pulled in and up.


Then later as we had decided this tease was done for the day and we headed for someplace to eat we noticed it was trying to lower again so we stopped. We watched for a little while and boy did it try hard. Alas, she could not produce. But boy, was she a pretty storm to watch.


( I solemnly swear thee last two pics were not tornadoes. Wait until the next post!)


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