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Day one.
Started out from Norman, OK and headed for Kansas. I have to say I was thankful we didn’t head for Nebraska the first day of the tour. I may be near my home in a couple of days however,which is just fine because that increases my chance of seeing my husband for at least a moment during these two weeks.
We drove through El Reno and saw from the highway some of the trees that had been damaged last year in the record-breaking 2.6 mile wide tornado. There was a house that looked like it was being rebuilt near that damage so I wonder if it was because it was a new development or due to the tornado.
As we headed for Dodge City in Kansas I noticed how red the dirt was in that area of Oklahoma. Everything looked like it as made of clay. It is very odd to see bright green, so green they were almost blue, seedlings coming up through the vivid red.
We drove through many little towns that had clearly seen better days. There was one little town was beautiful. The houses looked new and well maintained, the yards and streets were clean. I am very curious what their economy is thriving on. There was a lot of oil pumps and storage tanks everywhere so it could very well be that.
The target area we were heading to didn’t look that great anymore as most of the energy was north of the area and everything on the radar looked like it was blobbing together into one big line of storms. We want the little pop up storms, the single towers that have the potential for rotation. There were a couple of those over in Colorado but I don’t think we were willing to go that far for one cell on the radar.
It was decided to head for a particular grouping of storms that looked promising. We were going towards the southern storm of the pair and minds were changed as the northern storm looked more like what we wanted.
We stopped somewhere off the road northeast of Scott City, KS and got out of the van to watch the storms. A few other chasers were out and on these storms as well.

Storm 2

Storm 3

Storm 4

Storm 5

I really loved these curtains of rain.

I really loved these curtains of rain.

Two storms that looked promising on radar decided to ram into each other and kill any potential for rotation and tornados. We saw some great cloud to ground lightning that I wasn’t able to capture that unfortunately. I’ll have many more opportunities I am sure.

Here’s a very short video of the two storms with lightning up in the clouds.


i am extremely tired or I would write more.

I do have to add that the wordpress app and mobile website are terrible for adding pictures and other media.


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