Toothpaste Sponge Cake Cookies

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Why would you find it so terrible to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no one around? Why do we spend time thinking of things we would like to have with us in case we were left alone on a deserted island surrounded by an endless ocean?

We all know whatever creature comforts we have along with us, being alone will out shine it all. In that scene in the movie Labyrinth where Sarah was surrounded by all of her favorite toys, dolls and possessions. She knew there was something far more important she was missing. Items were worthless without the people they connected you with.

You come into this world with the aid of someone else. There is no way for you to exist without the help of someone else. That’s the only way to get through life. The people around you, whether they live with you are not, are in your life for good reason. (Even if it’s someone you don’t like. They make you appreciate the people in your life who aren’t jerks.)

This may be a silly example but I saw a bigger lesson out of it. It’s a fun story of cooking catastrophe/averted.

The other day I wanted to make breakfast for dinner. It had been a really long time since we had french toast. I cracked four eggs into the dish which is always an adventure in itself ever since we changed over to organic brown eggs. Those shells are harder to crack and easier to shatter, so how it will come apart keeps you guessing with each egg. I added a cup of soy milk, trying it out for the first time with french toast. I added the sugar and grabbed the bottle to add vanilla. I started pouring and realized with horror that I was putting mint extract into the eggy soup. Expletives, I’m sure, were exercised  as the smell of mint engulfed me in a mocking manner.

Robert came into the kitchen and I told him. I was furiously trying to wash the mint off of my hands and the whisk, I had already decided that the only thing I could do was throw it out and start over. He started wracking his brain. he suggested we make something else out of it. I hadn’t even thought of that. I was ready to just chuck all of that minty fresh egg goop down the drain and into the trash.

After some contemplating he decided to make cookies. So it continued by adding a lot of sugar, a copious amount of flour and some baking powder. His arm was really hurting stirring all of that flour in. (We really should have recruited the mixer.) He finally reached the consistency that kind of looked like pancake batter cookie dough. He spooned them onto the cookie trays and set them to baking.

The weirdness that came out were these round like cookies, consistency of eggy sponge cake that made you feel like you were eating it right after you had brushed your teeth.  The mint and the cakey cookies gave you two different experiences. One of the mint flavor coating the entirety of your mouth. Then you’re just eating a spongy cake.

So. Weird.

The bigger lesson I thought about was how I was ready to just pack in and give up after a little(big) mistake.  If it hadn’t been for a little outside advice I wouldn’t have had experienced the weirdest cookie/cake things ever.

photo (2)

You don’t even know how weird….

I’m not saying give in to peer pressure. I’m saying other people around you are there to offer help where and when you least expect it. They’re there to give you a different outlook on situations and life itself.

You may be ready to give up on something, ignoring something, resisting something, unaware of something even. Another set of eyes, finger tips, hands, brains tackling the world is always a better thing.

The geniuses of the world needed guidance to get to where they are.

Help is so difficult to ask for, even harder to receive when not asked for. I know I still have a knee-jerk reaction to advice from my parents to immediately reject and dismiss it.

A pinball has never scored a point without a helping hand.


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  1. moving story, and I so agree. Must try those cookies sometime myself. Love you both muchly, MamaRo

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