Vision-Loss Outlaw

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I am not blind. I am not even legally blind. I’m slowly getting close, but I have just a little too much left in the outfield of my vision range. I am constantly getting different medicines to keep the fluid build up in my retinas at bay. My Retinitis Pigmentosa is not only taking away my peripheral thanks to the actual pigmentation of my retinas, but it is also causing blood vessels to fail and that is the fluid build up. This  is called Macular Edema.  Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned all this before and if you saw an earlier post you saw how awful my field of vision is thanks to these problems.

I have a very hard time seeing things right in front of me and also things far away. If I know there is a pole or wall in a certain spot I am able to use muscle memory to avoid them. If I am unfamiliar with the location of these items or the territory itself is new and/or different I will walk into these things. I will bump my cart into people, I will walk into signs, I will hit my shoulder/hip/foot/arm on any number of objects.

I still am not legally blind.

I recently have been thinking about getting that tell-tale sign of vision-loss: the white cane. Just for the times I am not confident of my surroundings. Whether a night out with friends, or visiting a new city, or even getting used to a new job, I thought this would be helpful. I’ve been doing some internet searches on people’s opinions of when it is time to get that white cane of freedom and safety. Almost every one of the stories I read were from people who are legally blind. I happened upon a thread that mentioned the law and to check local laws about use of a white cane.

I did this for my state. Apparently in Nebraska it is a Class III Misdemeanor to use a white cane if you are not legally blind.

Here is the website to read the statute: Click me

If I get a typical white cane I will roam the streets in fear knowing at any moment I could be taken down by a vicious hoard of swat teams.

I may just get a regular cane, or use my golf umbrella, or better yet I can get a big walking staff like Gandalf.


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