A very merry Solstice to you all!

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Once again I have neglected this blog for a few months because I’ve been able to say my thoughts in the lovely 140 characters allowed on Twitter pretty nicely. Right now it seemed like I need the space and it’s always refreshing to write a little bit more than a news headline.

Today is the Winter Solstice and I’m not spending it the way I would have liked. I’ll get my petty whines out of the way. I’m sick with some sort of head cold that’s lasting longer than my immune system normally allows. I think after not working for so long and being practically a hermit and suddenly I’m back out in the germ-full masses has brought me to this place of illness. Yay for a head full of mucus and a neck too tired to support the weight. I didn’t go to work for two days and I dragged my behind in today which was a bit of a mistake. I ran out of tissues during the day and was stuck with those horrible brown paper towels that you swear is just recycled sandpaper.

Okay, now that lovely whining is over, I can move onto happier things. I’m really enjoying the season (I could use some more snow however. I’m looking at you dry air and high pressure systems. No one invited you!) I have our little tree out, only 3 ornaments are hanging on it for two reasons: I was too lazy to put out more; we have a cat and the tree is on the coffee table. I’ve strung some very pretty lights up on the bookcases and wall and I’m thinking I may leave them up year round. Strings of lights make me gleeful!

There are pretty packages under the tree and a few more will go under it with each day. Even though the three of us here are different religions (I am Wiccan, husband is agnostic, and Mom is Christian) we will still celebrate on the 25th. Mainly because that is the time off we get from our jobs and schools.  I did have us open a gift each last night in honor of the Solstice.

The important thing about these holidays, no matter the religion or when you celebrate, its about celebrating each other and that we are all the same in the end. We are all humans, we are all of the Earth.

So, I hope you have a lovely holiday season surrounded by those you love and know that even if you are alone you are loved. We’re all connected, so you’re never truly alone.


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