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Well, my goodness it has been a while! I apologize for the immense amount of time since I last posted. I’m getting used to a schedule again and I’m having a hard time with it. I now have a part-time job as an aide at the public library here! I am enjoying it for the most part. I’m not necessarily enjoying the hours I have on two of my four days but as a newbie I get what they give.

It’s nice to feel helpful in my family again. I can bring home some money and contribute to the bills. I can also provide for myself things I need that I have been putting off that I thought I couldn’t or didn’t have the right to because of my lack of contribution. I’m not surprised how women used to feel invalid and not a huge voice in the family back in the day. Yes, it’s family money but if you didn’t earn it yourself it feels weird putting any claim to it.

My eyes are not being too big a problem in the new job, thankfully. When I started there was a lot of me kicking recycling bins next to desks while I was getting used to the layout of my work area. I just needed to get the muscle memory of how many steps I needed to get to where I was going. (I don’t memorize how many steps I need, it just is a natural restriction on my body as it learns the layout.)

I do have to be extra vigilant when I am shelving because I shelve a lot in the children’s section. Pushing a big cart of books I have to be careful of not running into the little tykes.

I do swear that every book I have to shelve or find is on the bottom two shelves so the amount of squats I do every workday is astounding. Squats are my most hated exercise of all time. Now I get paid to do them. Sometimes I just sit on the floor because it is easier. Those picture books are killers! There’s so many of them! We don’t even keep all we have out all the time, either. During the Summer, yes, for the reading program. I am not looking forward to that shelving situation.

Once a week I work in a different department where I get to label and sometimes cover books and media. I look forward to this day all week. I put spine labels on, security tags, genre stickers, letters if needed and if the book has a dust jacket I put a cover on it. I really enjoy preparing the books to go out on the shelves for the first time.

Another thing I am getting to experience in the ‘getting out in the world by myself ‘ is two of the four days a week I work I take the bus to get there. It feels good to not have to depend on anyone but myself to get to work on time. Now that the bus anxiety is over I have the confidence to get to where I need to go.  The anxiety was over the unknown aspect of this bus system. I found that it was the same as the bus system I used back in Wisconsin but the unknown frightens the heck out of me. I also don’t like looking clueless in front of other people as I try to figure out something new to me.  Now, I was able to take the bus on a day off to get to the dentist.

On another good note my eyes are apparently getting better. Well, the disease isn’t but the fluid build-up in the back of my retina is getting better thanks to the medicine I’m using. The peripheral is still gone but I do feel a little less closed off to the world because of the improvement. I still have my bad days of course, but much more infrequently and that is pretty fantastic.

Oh, before I go, I just want to point out something to coffee/Starbucks lovers. this months new gift card has Starbucks written out in braille. It’s actual bumps on the card. It’s a pretty design and I suggest getting it for yourself or for someone else as a gift. Support braille!

Anyway, have a nice Autumn day! (Spring if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!)

—Yay for the first stuffed acorn squash of the season!—


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