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Today, my Mother and I had the fun joy of getting new plates for her van. We went to one location but had to be directed to a different location to have the car inspection. It was sad because there was pretty much no one at the first location. After the inspection we stood in line for a long time. I’m not sure how long, maybe half an hour to an hour. The line was always to the door no matter how far forward we progressed. There was a bounty hunter behind us in line. He looked the part. Bandanna on his head, sunglasses on all the time, black vest with pockets full of necessary tools, badge hanging around his neck. Seemed like a nice fellow for how intimidating he looked.

Something nice happened as well, there is some hope for the youth in this world. A young man let the elderly couple behind him go first when it was his turn. If only we could see more of that every day.

A temporary end of the line is occurring tomorrow night. My last Japanese class for a while. I am sad because I really enjoy the class and I’m learning an immense amount. I am afraid I’ll not retain as much as I want. Guess I’ll just have to practice a lot more often once the class is over. I am looking forward to getting back into the Braille lessons. I haven’t touched it for a while and I feel a bit disappointed in myself for neglecting it. Language classes are quite consuming!

I have a nice to do list for the Summer for myself. I hope to have a lot of art projects finished. There’s lots of sewing projects I need to finish as well.

I have made a big step forward in freeing myself from comparing and opportunities for jealousy and depression by finally getting rid of my facebook account. I regret the loss of some connections and their updates but there was too many things  that were consuming my time and making me feel inadequate in my own life. I need to find the value in myself and my life before I can fully rejoice for others without envy tainting the sentiment. It’s basically the same way I have to deal with junk food, if I don’t have it in my home then I won’t eat any. If the temptation isn’t there I can’t falter. Someday I will have the tools to be able to have the self control necessary, but until that day the temptation had to be removed.

My daily Internet check is SUPER short now.

And now for your viewing pleasure, my cat Hope really wants to go outside.


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