Finally! I have new pictures!

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The other day was rather nice and I finally decided to start exploring my new neighborhood. Granted I have to admit I used Google maps to see if there was anything interesting as I know most of what’s around me is apartments and businesses. I found a park and decided to see how long it would take me to get there. (I am sad that there is no lake near me like the last apartment, however.)

This little park is surrounded by houses and a couple of streets but it seems like this little breath of wonderful. It isn’t anything monumental but the trees are quite the characters all gathered around the tiny stream. I’m looking forward to further into Spring to see this place greened up. Right now it made me step back into Autumn for a while.

The canopy on this place will be amazing in full foliage!

Like I said, tiny creek.

I really love that little rock in the middle. It’s a silent beauty.

It’s nice to see some older trees. I say older because I had lived in a fairly newer area of town so most trees were little or in people’s backyards.

There are so many pictures I want to post here, but that could make it difficult for this page to load for you. I will only put a few more, I think. Tough to choose them, though!

I have a serious love for curves cut out like this by streams and rivers. I don’t know why, I just know I love them and get quite gleeful when  I see one.

In the curve was this beauty. I’m not sure if the earth is eroding around him or if he’s trying to break free and walk.

I have to show this lovely lady off. She looks like she may have been struck by lightning at some point causing a branch to have been removed. She is so haggard and looks like she has been through a lot.

The trees were beautiful and I can’t wait to see them all greened up.

I highly advise everyone to go find some little park they didn’t think about before and check it out. There will be some neat characters there, too!


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