The Random Hills We Come Across.

September 29, 2010 at 1:50 PM | Posted in AWEsome Sights | 2 Comments
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This morning I had an awful dream where  a friend and I were about to die horribly in a car crash from a great height. The crash was actually happening and I felt my legs lift as the car rolled. My husband’s alarm woke me up. I don’t think I have ever been so grateful for an alarm clock in my life.

I am afraid of heights. I get all clammy, my muscles tense, tears instantly fill my eyes and my heart threatens to jump out of my chest. I’m so afraid of falling down those heights. I imagine what would be going through my brain as I am falling, knowing that the end is coming. It frightens me to my core. The knowing it’s happening and nothing can be done about it.

I went  for my normal walk to the lake and I decided I would come back home a different way. I have walked by this path each time and I wondered where it started and where it led to. I had no idea how long it was. I found the beginning closest to me and then I walked it. Every swell of land I got to the path reached out ahead of me further and further. I thought about turning back but then I thought I made the decision to find where this path goes so I was going to finish.

A ways down the path I came across a random hill. It was bigger than the surrounding large houses. I thought how I really wanted to climb that hill. The sides were covered in thick grass and slick with dew, so I thought, maybe another day. I got to the end of the path finally and it ends with a really beautiful view of many fields. I walked around a house and onto the street. I followed the sidewalk back and it brought me to the other side of the hill that was in the sun. There was a little path worn from other people walking up there. I hesitated. This hill was begging me to climb it. I was scared but exhilarated. I had to do this. I climbed it. As I was climbing I had a voice saying ‘hey, you know you have to walk back down this thing, right? You’re top-heavy you might fall and hurt yourself, why are you doing this?’

My sheer glee in actually climbing this hill overpowered that voice and I made it to the top. What a view!

I did it. I did something I normally feel uncomfortable doing.

It was worth the hurt feet.



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  1. You go, girl. Proud of you.

    • You should be very proud of yourself!! If only we all would remember to do something that scares us or intimidates us

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