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Things have not been too terribly busy here, I just have been slacking off on a lot of things. We went to a couple of weddings out of state (another one this weekend coming up!) I have some pictures from a beautiful (but wicked) storm that hit us in Nebraska. We lost power from it and it was so humid and hot, I missed my air conditioner!

This was after most of the storm went over but the clouds were still thick. It was during sunset and this was the sunlight trying to get through the clouds. It looks like a dust storm but it was just an eerie glow!

There was a rainbow off to the east and I thought it looked so neat through the glow.

Looking up at the clouds above me, I wish cameras could capture the beauty that it really was!

Off to the west, the back of the storm. It was so much better in real life. It was so orangey-red! Off to the left in this photo there were flashes of lightning in the distance. It looked like generators exploding when a tornado goes over it. It was pretty amazing. It was so quiet out with all the power out in the neighborhood (except at the hospital across the street of course.)

My braille lessons are coming along slowly, I need to work on them more often! I hope to be done with the majority of the assignments before the end of the year. I want to be working on my final transcription soon! I’m so excited for it.

My eyes are getting a little worse. I’ve noticed a little brightening in my right eye like my left eye. I thankfully can still see clearly with my right eye but it’s getting brighter. You might think it gets dimmer as you go blind, for me it’s getting quite bright. My doctor said I’m starting to get cataracts but that he doesn’t think they will get any worse. I wonder how that can be but I didn’t ask him so that’s on me. I had to stop an eye drop he prescribed because it was 100 dollars for 3ml of medicine. I had to put in drops 3 times a day into each eye. That bottle lasted a week. We can’t afford that! Robert called the doctor and he told us to just stop using it and we’ll figure out something at our next visit. We can’s even afford my bills with that doctor in the first place.

I have been having a lot of down days with this and I sometimes wonder why I even bother with the medicine and preventative measures seeing (haha pun) that I will be blind eventually. Sure, the medicine kind of helps with the brightness but it doesn’t prevent the retina giving out in spots. There is so much disappearing. Some days I have to hold the laptop up to my nose so I can focus on the words and pictures. When I am standing behind Robert while he is on the computer I can not figure out what the pictures are, they are just fuzzy color blobs.

I have to brag about my husband for a moment. He is a pretty amazing man. I am constantly feeling guilty for not working and not being able to drive and for basically being a burden. I asked him the other day if he felt resentful towards me at all. He told me he never did. I asked how he has never been angry that I don’t work when I am able to cook, clean and do laundry still amongst other things. He said that the home is a place I am familiar with. I am able to move around here and do things because I know where everything is. He says he also is walking more with a shuffle through the house around me so I know where he is. He knows I would be a wreck elsewhere (as he’s seen it when we’re at the zoo and the museum and other public places.) I was amazed at how understanding he is and I consider myself pretty darn lucky. He is so patient with me when I have mini-breakdowns in public. I snap at him because he is trying to make me stop because other people are standing when I am about to walk into them. Sometimes I do see them, and sometimes I don’t. I snap at him because I saw them, or I snap at him because when he grabs my arm I feel like I’m a child and need to be wrangled.

We have come to the conclusion that no one is respectful to others around them anymore. When we go to the zoo the children are free to push in front of other people (the adults do it, too!) No one says excuse me or apologizes or anything of the sort. Robert and I are constantly saying excuse me, or excuse us everywhere we go. For some reason at the store we get looked at like we are being rude for saying the excuse-me’s. At the store people are so in their own worlds. Robert got really frustrated with this one lady who just pushed in front of me when I was looking at which yeast I wanted. I didn’t see her or notice her, but apparently she was right next to me and reached in front of me. Robert said, “You know, you could say excuse me.” The lady suddenly said excuse me then said to Robert that she did and I think she said something about him being rude. (She had already upset him because he was backing up the cart while I was walking towards him looking at the items and he hit his back on a cart. She was across and down the aisle and left her cart behind Robert.) He was so mad.

We also had a difficulty with the museum. The lighting is SO terrible. I almost have to be led through the exhibits because they have directional lighting. People were walking in front and stopping in the middle of the walking area and once again, no politeness about it.

Okay, that’s enough of that rant. I need to get back to laundry and maybe some braille. I hope everyone has a great day!



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  1. I love the pictures. I think those are mammatus clouds. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammatus_cloud_)

    I haven’t read your whole blog, but from what it seems, you might have some vision problems?

    I agree with you about being out and about. Manners have gone out the window. My husband and I comment about it all the time.

    • Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, I have Retinitis Pigmentosa which is slowly (but feels fast to me) taking away my vision. Thanks for the information on the clouds!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. My mother has Keratoconus and just recently had to have two corneal transplants. That, plus contacts AND glasses have let her have a bit of normalcy again.

    I am not showing any signs yet, but have -7.25 vision in both eyes. I worry about my future and keratoconus. We shall see.

    Reading about how strong you are as you go through this while I bitch about my contacts giving me migraines makes me feel a bit like an idiot. (I overwear my contacts big-time. I’m terrified of wearing my glasses because if I drop, lose, break them I can’t see enough to go anywhere. Kind of scary on public transportation.)

    I’ve gone back a bit in your blog. I love your cloud pictures. I’ve always been quite obsessed with the weather!

    • Wow, I can understand why you would be afraid to wear glasses, that is quite the visoin you have (I used to work at eye doctor’s so I know about what you’re looking through!) That is also a lot for your Mom to go through. I can’t imagine having surgery on my eyes. It was bad enough getting injections in them!!!
      Don’t feel like an idiot! I feel like an idiot when I read about people who have Usher’s and still manage to do all the globe-trotting I wish I could be doing.
      Thank you on the cloud pictures, I love taking them.

  3. I love the two of you soooo much. I wish there was something I could do to help, guess I’ll just keep praying.
    The storm pictures were wonderful, you always “see” things so differently, you truly appreciate the sight you have left.
    You are both so right about people in public, makes you wonder how they act at home. Keep on being polite and considerate, we love you for it.

    • Hiya Mama Ro,
      Just having people like you in our corner gets us through each day! 🙂
      Love you!

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