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.. well, not really. That would be too expensive I’m sure. I experienced my first movie in 3-D last weekend. We weren’t sure if it would work for me or nauseate me like action movies can. The movie we saw was Avatar. That is a beautiful movie and I can’t wait to watch it in 2-D. Well, it is too difficult for me to watch movies in 3-D. I got used to it for the most part but I did have a hard time focusing. Subtitles were hard to focus on as well as the 3-D glasses didn’t work so well on my bifocals so I had to turn my head and hope to catch the subtitle before it was gone.

3-D is really difficult when one eye is not close to 100%. I read somewhere that 3-D is the next evolution of movies like sound and color were and I hope against hopes that they will not abandon 2-D. My husband has great eyes (still needs glasses) and he said he was a bit queasy from the 3-D.

I was okay for the most part with the wide vistas and outside shots. I think that may be because they were all digitally done. There was less of the 3-D effect with those scenes. The inside shots were the painful ones. I enjoyed the ‘neat’ factor of people being closer and the background being farther away. However them walking around and all the action going on my eyes had no clue where to focus and my left eye couldn’t keep up with the right eye. Sometimes I would just close my left eye and it felt a bit better, but my muscles around my left eye get tired if I shut it for too long.

I end up shutting my left eye for quite a bit of things as it is just easier. When I’m doing homework and have to be close to the book or braille page my eyes can get crossed so I shut my left eye. My right eye then starts hurting as it is straining to do more work.

I have an appointment in a couple of weeks at a new eye doctor (new to me). My regular eye doctor recommended this doctor when I asked how close I am to being legally blind. This doctor is a low-vision specialist and has more equipment to do more tests. I also had to go to my retina specialist earlier as suggested by my eye doctor. The eye doctor wanted me to go in as he had a hard time looking into my left eye. I am now on two different drops for the pressure and fluid build-up. 3 times a day for one and 2 times a day for the other. That’s 5 drops a day each eye! I will be going back to the retina specialist next week to see how that is going. I do so enjoy racking up the medical bills for less than 5 minutes with the doctor.

Well that is delightful. I love PBS. I am getting quite tired of the Today show so I changed the channel. PBS is showing Independent Lens and this time it is about some kids at a blind school! How heartbreaking, one of the teens had fallen and his retina was detaching but because there insurance was not active yet they wouldn’t do the surgery for him and he woke up the next day blind. How terrible.

I feel sorry for myself a lot but I keep reminding myself of how many people are out there who are so much worse of than me. So many children that have lost their sight from birth, from young childhood, from teenage years, from horrific accidents, from worse diseases, from crimes. I have had the privilege and blessing that I have been able to see and that I continue to see as much as I do. I have experienced sunsets, sunrises, wind in the trees, autumnal leaves, the Atlantic ocean from both sides. I’ve seen the Alps from above, the Eiffel Tower from below, several states in the US from the car, France on the road, Italy from a bus, Scotland from a train, England and Wales from my house.

I have seen so much and will continue to see things for a while.

Just not in 3-D.


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