Bright colors are not evil. And you know it.

January 28, 2010 at 11:28 PM | Posted in EYE believe | 2 Comments
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I would love to paint the world with bright colors for all to see. I see no reason we should be ashamed for having bright colors in our lives. Bright colored hair is something to fear and dislike, because it’s not “normal”. Bright colored cars are not sought after either. I know there are the lovely bright reds and yellows out there. What happened to a good grass green? Or a beautiful solid dark purple? There are all so many beautiful colored clothing, yet we all wear blue jeans of khakis. Why do I feel awkward in public when I wear a solid pastel pink shirt, a long blue patterned skirt and a dark red knitted hat? Sometimes we color the inside of our houses to quench our hunger for bright and vivid colors. We buy all the colorful appliances and machines to fill up the colorful rooms. Yet our outsides are mundane tans, and tired grays and lackluster yellows. Why? Why do we do this? What is so shameful about color? Is it our fear of being different? What happened to individuality?

I love color. When I got (get) a new box of crayons I always try to use all the colors very shortly after I open it. I have to experience each color and make sure none of them are under-appreciated. When I have a house I would love to paint beautiful colorful murals on the OUTSIDE of the house for everyone to see.  I will have colorful sculptures in the lawn. I want everyone to embrace and love the many colors this world offers. Not hide them in boxes.

I want everyone to appreciate what some people can’t see. Not just those whom are blind, but those who are color-blind as well. How sad for our hearts and imaginations to not be able to see the beautiful shades of oranges, purples, blues, pinks and yellow that happen at a sunset.

How can you explain a color to someone who can not see it? I am quite happy that I will have color memories when my sight is gone. I play with pigments themselves to make paintings. I play with color. I have a hard time making paintings though because of my love for color. I want every color in it. I don’t want to stick with a theme. I want to show every detail so every color can be seen. I’m beginning to understand abstract art. It’s about the color’s themselves, the feeling of the colors, the movement of the colors.

On all those lovely philosophical notes, I died my hair pink again. It’s been 3 1/2 years since the last time I did it. I missed it. I missed the vibrant color. My natural color is okay in it’s own way but it’s not how I want to convey myself. I love colors and I want to share that love.

Pay more attention to the colors pink and blue in this picture and less to the shower curtain itself. The bathroom has the best lighting for pictures.

Enjoy more colors while you can.

Enjoy more colors while you can.



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  1. I think people don’t generally wear bright colors in winter. There aren’t tons of blaze orange winter shirts out there. Being around high schoolers, I know they have more than just mute green, gray, and navy shirts but the most colorful thing I see them wear in the winter is lavender.
    Just for you, I’ll wear my super orange turtleneck sweater… If it’s clean >_< …. which it might not be…. Otherwise it's a bright red Pokemon shirt! Yeah!

  2. I know a lot more brighter colors are in the summer, seems silly we wouldn’t want bright colors in the winter though. Why not make it more bright and cheery?
    Yay for wearing brightly colored things! You know what we should do? On the shortest day of the year we should all wear pastels or florescent colors!

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