2 days of clouds. A while back.

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The day time ones were from around a month or so ago. There was an air show nearby and you could hear them flying around. This was the first time I couldn’t pinpoint them in the sky. My far vision is going away. Some, if they are close enough, I could make out a black blob or a faint blob. I couldn’t make out wing shape or detail of any kind.

However, the sky was gorgeous. The perfect shade of blue sky with big puffy huggable pristine white clouds. The cool breeze was just right with the not-too-hot temperature. It would have been a great day for sailing, or walking on a beach, or watching the sky while the car was getting refueled. I at least was doing the latter.

0830091554The blue in the center of this next photo, I think, is my absolutely favorite shade of blue. Just perfect.


Another day, probably a couple weeks ago, my husband once again called me to look outside at the rising sun. Here are the pictures from that stormy morning.

This is the view from my bedroom window. Pardon the glaring brightness that is the hospital across the street.


Then I took one straight up from my window. Great swirling purples!


Then as the sun came up a bit more and the clouds started thinning. The cloud looked like a great dragon or loch ness monster swimming through the sky.


Eye update: I’m on a heavy dose of diuretic pill to get the fluid to break up faster and not cause more damage. I get pins and needles in random bits of my body from time to time because of it. Sometimes it will be just the heels of my feet, or just the arches. Sometimes it will be the back of my hand, or my top lip. I have to be careful how I sit on the floor because I’m more apt to put my legs to sleep and have a longer more painful pins and needles time as the blood flows back in. My left eye is not happy at all. I’m constantly looking through vaselined crystalline glass. A larger portion of the world is gone in that eye. I notice that I’m not using that eye as much. My right eye is doing quite a bit of work. My left is just there to give me a bit of depth perception. I was covering up my right eye a few times to see if I could work on my left eye, maybe force it to focus better. I was not a happy camper after that. Nice strain headache and the eye hurt from strain as well.

Something I’ve been curious about, how many people who are of low-vision or blind are actually on disability? I’m not sure I’m far gone enough to claim it and I’m not sure I want it. I would more want it for my husband and any children I might have one day.

I also think I might need to find some sort of counselling or support group that I can go to because I know I’m not getting anything but five minutes of time from my retina specialist per visit. I’m interested in finding people close to my age going through the same thing as I’m sick of the waiting room of said retina doctor. I’m usually the only person there under the age of 50, probably even 60. It’s hard to have hope that way.


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