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How hard is it to get yourself motivated to do anything? To do the things you love, the things you dislike but have to do, or really, anything?

I find it extremely difficult. I love to paint but find it’s such a hassle to set up to do it at my apartment. I love to bead but my desk is covered with random things and I’m not motivated to clean it off. I’m not working therefore I should be able to find 30-60 minutes to just exercise.  I keep walking into the kitchen hoping some fairy has come and cleaned the explosion it has become, but it just doesn’t happen. I have one chore, you’d think I’d be able to do it just fine.

What is more fun is when I actually do find motivation do get everything done one card falling can bring the whole house of cards down. This could happen early in the morning so I’m useless and lazy the rest of the day.  The only things I am able to get done are my French homework and my Japanese homework. I think I’m more motivated by those because I have to answer to someone and I paid money for those courses and should get everything I can get out of the classes.

My brailling is going slow. That was a card that fell the other day. There are 25 lines you can do to a page and I messed up on the 24th line making the whole sheet unusable and I gave up for the day. Not just on brailling, but on pretty much everything. I think I only got my Japanese homework done that day.

Do you find it hard to get motivated? What tricks or what do you tell yourself to get motivated? I’m quite curious how the rest of the world does it.


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