With Chagrin.

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I am quite excited that I get to wait a whole 3 months to see the retina specialist again!!

I’ve been there pretty much once a month over the past 4 or 5 months now.

With the maintenance drops the pockets of fluid on the back of my retina are coming back, but not huge honeycombed sections I used to have. They will always occur because there is  currently no way to seal up the leaky blood vessels.

I have noticed my world has been brought in a little more. I am a claustrophobic person so I notice the subtle changes when more of the retina is taken over by pigmentation.

I told the specialist that I was having a hard time focusing again. Turns out not only the pockets of fluid are affecting it. He said to the assistant that I had shagreen of the cornea on my left eye. (I laughed to myself and exchanged an amused glance with my husband because it sounded like he said chagrin. Those who have read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer will giggle too due to her overuse of the word.)

I did some research (you have to love Google!) and it came up as Crocodile Shagreen. It is usually in older people, of course. The word ‘shagreen’ itself is in reference to a crocodile’s hide. It’s mosaic like structure.  Which is what the cornea looks like. Here is one of the very few pictures I found, click on it to link back to the article.

crshagreenbLook past the white light affected part. See the mosaic-like green pattern?

My specialist said it was due to my Retinitis Pigmentosa, but I haven’t found anything online connecting the two. It just may be because I have a disease in the eyes and they have to work overtime therefore causing my eyes to age faster, leading to the degeneration of my cornea.


According to many articles online there is no need for a treatment as it does not effect vision. So that’s good news at least. I think.


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