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Why, hello there. I am still here. I just have nothing exciting going on right now. I  get up at the same time every morning. I sti at the computer and work on organizing and renaming my MP3’s. I shower, get dressed. Do laundry and dishes if needed. Do some work on my braille (I’m done with lesson 5, I just now received lesson 2 back so I can immidietly send out lesson 3.) I then work on a painting until my husband comes home from work. We watch the news, eat dinner, watch a movie, maybe play a game. Read a little, go to bed.

Day in, day out.

I’m excited for fall. We are signing up for classes. I am going to take Japanese again. I will become fluent. That is my goal. The only difference I want native speakers to notice is a possible incorrect accent to the area. I want to be that way with French as well. I might be taking a French course as well. I took them both in college, French I took since junior high. I feel my French slipping hard and my Japanese is no where near where I want it to be. I hope someday to get a job translating. Maybe one day I can not only transcribe braille, but translate it as well.

As for my eyes, they are okay. I have been moved down to a maintenance drop for my pressure. I go back on the 9th to see how it is working.

I am having a little bit more of a hard time while driving, my neck is starting to hurt with how much I have to move my head to compensate for the lack of periferal vision. More cars seem to be coming out of no where. The sunlight still hurts my eyes a lot. I have these great sunglasses that just go over my glasses. Ginormous lenses that cover half my face so no light comes in from the sides, top or bottom. Very nice.

I hope to see my sister and Mom soon. They should be coming to visit at some point, hopefully at two different times, yay for double the visit!

I have been adding stuff to my etsy shop, I hope to add some more here soon. You can help research into stopping blindness by purchasing. Half of your purchase price will be donated to Foundation Fighting Blindness.


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