Train of thought via the pity party.

June 7, 2009 at 1:25 PM | Posted in Mundane in the Brain, Preposterous Ponderance | 3 Comments
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Today is not that great of a day for my eyes. I’m feeling more closed in and everything is making me nauseous. Even scrolling a browser page is making my stomach lurch.

I now know I have to put a timer on my phone when I’m out alone without the husband if I am the driver. The other night I had driven over to a friends place while my husband stayed at home waiting for his Mother and brother to arrive in town. I left about 4:30pm and lately the sun doesn’t set until about 9pm. I lost track of time and it was just after 9pm that I headed for home. The sun was mostly down and every car’s lights were on. Not fun. I hate car lights with a passion. They feel like mini suns that continuously stab me in the eyes with beams. It hurts.

A new thing happened this time, I got motion sickness. The only time I ever got motion sickness in the car while growing up was when I was reading. This was not a nice addition to situations that cause motion sickness.

Now on the list is action movies at the theatre (which makes me cry just thinking about it, I love movies!!!), reading in a moving vehicle, sometimes long boat rides, and now driving in low light.

Today seems like a not happy day in that everything is making me sick. The television, reading a book, computer- what the heck am I supposed to do with myself on a rainy day?!?! We were supposed to go to the zoo today but it won’t be as fun in the rain. How am I supposed to enjoy a wonderfully rainy day without a book to read? I have a couple audio books but what should I do with my hands? Knit?  Well, I could do that, but I’m being whiney and don’t wanna.

I don’t know how I’m going to handle not being able to see to do anything. I’m working on a painting. How will I paint when I can’t see it? I will have to go abstract or something? Maybe I can figure out a paint by braille numbers…..

Pity party at my place.

I’m thinking of challenging myself every once in a while. I should blindfold myself for a whole day or more and try to make the most of it. No, not the most of it, the best I can be, with or without sight.

I also need to find or actually search for a program to enable me to be still addicted to the Internet and my computer when I can’t see the screen. Anyone know of a good program?



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  1. Hello,

    I’m sorry to hear about your vision loss 😦 But try to keep you chin up because life will go on. My father has spent most of his life completely blind and he is very successful in just about everything he tries. Your postive approach will have everything to do with your continued success in life. I see you mentioned that you love art and painting. Check out this video I found on YouTube about a visually impaired teen who creates outstanding paintings: <a href=";

    Also, here is a link to Screen Reading computer software that will ensure you can maintain access to the internet. This software reads the content of any given web page out loud over your speakers. My father has been using this software for years now. <a href=";

    Hope this helps 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the links and your kind words. That boy is amazing!

  2. Looks like the links didn’t come through correctly 😦 I’ll leave them here again and you can just “cut & paste” them into your browser if you like:

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