Henry Doorly Zoo May 20th, 2009 (Lots of Photos)

June 3, 2009 at 8:44 PM | Posted in AWEsome Sights | 4 Comments
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My friend Stephanie had a birthday on the 20th of May so we spent most of the day at the zoo taking tons of photos and enjoying taking our time. We didn’t see everything but we enjoyed the heck out of everything we did see!

I have a members pass so I plan on going a lot. I’ve already been 3 times now!

DSC01006Not sure what kind of monkey he is. I was paying more attention to them rather than the signs.

DSC01008The indoor jungle is amazing! It’s so beautiful!

DSC01015Tapirs!!!! So cute!

DSC01030Once again, I can’t remember the name. They look like the ones you find in Japan.

DSC01036An adorable Pygmy hippo.

DSC01055This guy was hamming it up for a group of kids. If the kids had longer arms they could have touched him he was so close! He did all sorts of poses for the kids and their cameras.

DSC01066On to the Desert Dome and first creatures are the Meerkats.

DSC01074He was so cute, and pretty small. I was lucky for my camera to get that clear of a photo.

DSC01079These guys really know they are being watched. They are all superstars! I’m ready for me close-up!

DSC01091Frog Mouthed Owl.

DSC01104On to the butterfly house. I didn’t take a lot of photos in this fairy land as I was too concerned with being dive-bombed by hugs huge butterflies!

(I have to leave that mistake in as it is funny later in the post. Thanks April!)

DSC01127Now the aquarium. Most of my pictures did not come out clear. You have to love underwater photography.

DSC01132Woohoo! Jellyfish! I could watch these guys undulate all day!

DSC01142He was huge! (HA HA I just accidentally typed hugs instead of huge)

DSC01154I couldn’t quite get the colors right. The UV light was messing with the camera. It was a much more beautiful purple color.

DSC01165Cat Complex. Isn’t he absolutely beautiful?

DSC01168If I knew I wouldn’t get mauled I would love to curl up with this kitty and just lounge with him. Magnificent.

DSC01189Finally, the gorillas.

DSC01178Looking right at me! It was an amazing moment. Then some rude tweenagers came up by us and started banging on the window! we told them to stop, apparently their teacher told them to to get their attention. How terrible! If that gorilla wants through that glass to kill you, he will! So dissapointed with that teacher!!!

Okay that’s all I have for right now. The others are far too blurry for me to post.



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  1. Cute photos! You did actually type “hugs” instead of “huge” for the butterfly caption. πŸ™‚

    • Haha! I’m such a doofus, I will fix it. Thank you!

  2. That’s awesome. Sounds like you had a good time, and you certainly did take some great photos. I really love the last gorrila picture . . . you can really see him connecting with you through his eyes.

    Too bad teenagers are idiots.

    • Thank you so much πŸ™‚

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