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I received an email from my assigned instructor. She is a braille reader herself and I have a million questions to ask her.

She said my first assignment was “excellently prepared”. That made me feel quite happy!

I already have lessons 2 and 3 ready to mail off. I am no where near ready for lesson 4. The chapter is about one cell symbols that are substitution for words and sections of words. I am struggling with the concept when I look at the sentences I am to practice on. It is very difficult. I wonder that if I had any shorthand experience if it would help me at all. I bet it would. Since I do not, I have to take extra care and concern while doing this.

She pointed to a free program for brailling on the computer so I could email an attachment of the finished product. I feel a little wrong using a computer program just yet. I know it’s just a word processor, but if I take the time to tactiley learn it I will get it into my skull better. If I make a mistake I have to do the whole page again therefor I’m doing repetition and that’s the best way for me to learn sometimes.

If anyone is interested the program is called perkyDuck. You can easily find a site through Google. I plan on playing with it. Maybe I will use it for my final manuscript translation. It’s interesting, it’s a 6-key input. Seeing as there is six dots in the braille cell, you have to press the right combination of keys at the same time to put out the letter or phrase you need. It will also be like learning a new language again as I will have to really pay attention to how the letters are forwards!

On another great note I went to the retina specialist again after two weeks on this specific drop and it looks like it is working really well. With RP the blood vessels in my eyes are leaking which lead to pockets of fluid on the back of the retina. They will threaten my vision. I had injections of steroids in each eye to break down the fluid. It worked: temporarily. The drops increase the amount of fluid going out of the eye and decrease how much fluid is going into the eye. The new pictures I took on Thursday showed no fluid build-up. This is 2 months after pictures that showed I had new pockets of fluid. Pretty cool. I think I am still in denial about the progress in my eyes. I am quite skeptical that it will all work out well. There is currently no cure for RP and I’m pretty sure the pigmentation will get me in the end. Well, at least it won’t be because of the fluid.


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