Braille in waiting

April 28, 2009 at 3:00 PM | Posted in Braille Wail | Leave a comment

Well, I have two more assignments ready to go but I still haven’t heard how my first assignment went.

I got an email the other day stating I mailed it to the wrong place and that it was in limbo for a while. Nice of them not to have updated their information on their website and .pdf’s so I would know such a thing before I mail it out.

They have assigned me an instructor in Minnesota who will grade me. Now I get to wait to hear from her on the first assignment.

For now I will be pushing on. I was super excited with the third lesson I just finished, i did two whole pages in one try. No mistakes!!!!

Looks like I get to learn shorthand-like objects now. Like ‘th’, ‘ou’, etc. Should be interesting.

On a Braille related subject, I was beading an earring the other day and I had one of my beading boxes out. It was a plastic tray type thing with flaps for each compartment so I didn’t need to open all of them wehn I needed one thing. Well I was looking at the computer and just playing with the box. (I’m a tad OCD so when I play with remote controls or other such devices I have to touch everything on it) I noticed some bumps in certain spots. I thought ,’Why those feel like Braille bumps.’ Sure enough they were. It looks like the manufacturer used the same mold as a pill box container because there was a Brailled letter on each box. SMTWTF. Days of the week. Well, I’ll be darned.

I thought it was neat.


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