Stop the hate.

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I’m sure many of you out there have been bullied at some point in your life. I truely hope you haven’t, I hope you had a wonderful childhood. I hope you had a warm and safe surrounding.

I was bullied as a child. I wasn’t truely bullied until I was nine and moved over to Wales. I was a foreigner, taller than them, and I was a tomboy. Currently I am a larger, king-sized snickers bar of a honey. I was not back then. I was a skinny beanpole whom the bullies called fat because I was taller than them.

When I was 11 and received my first glasses I certainly was made fun of. I didn’t have to wear them all the time back then so they usually were forgotten at home and hidden in a drawer. I did punch a boy in the face (promptly followed up by his return of the favor) when he made fun of how I looked when I got angry while he was calling me fat.

I never once thought to kill myself.

I was borderline suicidal in high school, but that’s a different story. How terrible does it have to be for 11 year old’s to think there is no way out and no hope that they have the thought to end themselves. How uncaring is the school system? How did these parents lose their babies?

Check out my friend’s excellent blog post here. Fatgrrl

It used to be mostly fat, ugly, four-eyes, etc. Now they’ve added the word “gay”. I worked at this flower shop recently and I can see where our youth gets it. Ignorant adults who don’t see the damage they do with their words. An 18 year old is repeatedly called “gay” by the owners whenever he does something. I mean anything. He could say he wanted to sweep up something differently than they wanted him to and they would “jokingly” call him gay for it. He wanted to look nice for his prom date so he was called gay. I don’t know this boy well enough to know if he was being hurt right then about it. I know his brain is being hurt by it. He’s being taught that it is okay to call something gay because it is different.

Did I miss something? What happened to the words, “silly”, or “weird”? When did they get left by the wayside? Is everyone so homophobic that they think that if they don’t call someone else gay then that must mean that they themselves are indeed a gay?

How dare ANYONE use a word that is for love for such hatred. Why is there that much hatred in the world? Is everyone so fearful of everything that we have become beasts cornered, having to lash out at everyone with every single derogatory word we might know (or think we know)?

Why are these children -babies- being left behind? Do they matter so little?

My sister is a kindergarten teacher and I can not for the life of me imagine that she would not fight like hell for any of her kids to make sure they are safe. To make sure they are protected, with a voice, with a helping hand. Are there so many other teachers, administrations that only care about the bullies themselves?

I want to cry everytime I think of those boys. I want to cry when I think any child that is so lost, so desperate to make the pain stop that they would end it all.

Something has to be changed. We all have to change. We have to become people who care rather than people who fear.

I don’t want to bring my children into a world that will take them away so young.


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