Braille Course

March 25, 2009 at 2:54 PM | Posted in Braille Wail | 4 Comments

I am currently taking a Braille course and I just finished the first lesson. It is ready to mail out for evaluation.

I have to relearn how to spell. While popping those little bumps I am second guessing how to spell words.

brailleThat’s all hand poked.

I had to do it over a couple of times as I made a mistake.  I can erase it but they can tell where I erased it and I didn’t want to send it in with an erase mark.



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  1. I tried learning Braille when I was a pre-teen. It just felt like I was trying to read a basketball, or some salt spilled on the table.

    When I was told I was going blind 15 years ago, I panicked… and then went into denial.

    I’ve not even TRIED to read braille in 25 years.

    Lemme know how your braille-by-mail course goes.

    • It is hard learning those bumps! I worked in a flower shop for over a year so my fingertips grew some nice calluses, it’s hard to read through them.
      Transcribing braille is hard enough as well. I have to learn it forwards and backwards.
      I am having fun with it, though.

      • Thanks for sharing your experiences – there are people out there losing sight with no clue what to do. I know. I’m one of them.

        What do you use to make the bumps? Why do you have to re-learn how to spell? I am totally new at all of this.

    • I have to use a slate and a stylus, I will do a post about it with pictures.
      I have to relearn to spell because when I’m typing or writing it’s just natural and I don’t have to think about it. When I Braille it I have a hard time because you have to think about each letter in a word. You have to not rush yourself or you will forget letters. I keep thinking to far ahead I miss vowels or the last letter of a word.

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