A new walk

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I really need to attach my camera to my hand. I carry everything else in my purse, why not the camera?

We had a little bit of a hard time finding where our apartment building was when we first came into town from Wyoming. We got a little lost and found a nice lake area where you can go fishing. Yesterday afternoon I was let out of work early so we decided to go for a walk around that lake.

There is a lovely trail that takes about 1 hour (according to the sign). It took us a little longer because we weren’t speed walking. I love just sauntering. The temperature was just right. Not too hot, with a cool breeze off of the water. It is a habitat for waterfowl. Lots of geese were honking away in the water. We saw a few of them coming in for a landing which is beautiful to watch! Gently gliging in and lightly splashing into the water. Looking ahead on the pathway at one point there were two geese walking the same path towards us. They decided to veer off into the water instead of saying hello to us.

I wanted to climb onto the jagged trees reaching out of the water. One was a perfect Y shape, so there was a perfect spot to sit. If it was deep enough I wanted to jump off from it. I’m afraid of heights and murky water so I probobly wouldn’t do it. It was nice to imagine it, though.

I can’t wait to try fishing there. It’s been a long time since I’ve fished so it will be interesting to relearn.

There was an island with a bridge connecting it. I wanted to go stroll there but there was a couple sitting on a bench there. We decided to not bother them. They looked cute cuddled up together.

I hope to be like that forever with my husband, Robert.


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