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Everyday mundane things are starting to no longer be mundane to me.

I always look up at the clouds when I’m outside. I also look at the birds playing in the puddles made by the melting snow.

I just appreciate it more, knowing I won’t be able to enjoy things in the same way some day.

My husband and I went house hunting on Saturday. We had to actually hunt for them because it’s an unfamiliar town and I only glanced at directions online. We drove around ending up in dead-ends more than once.  I love seeing older neighborhoods were the trees are mostly undisturbed. All the houses are tucked into valleys with tight hills hugging them. Where the backyards become forests.

We’re looking for a piece of land. A little plot of land that is our place. Not just a house on a lot. We want enough land to grow some of our own food. Maybe have a babbling brook run through it. Far enough away from neighbors that it’s a nice walk instead of stepping on each others toes.

I do like to drive, but I’m thankful my husband likes to drive more than me. I can continue the hobby I’ve had since I was a wide-eyed child. I love looking at everything on the way. Seeing what people have done with their yards. Windmills, wood cut-outs of people, plastic deer, a fountain.  I love finding little nooks where no one has disturbed the land. I imagine what it would be like to walk through the dense overgrowth. Being close with nature.

Which is funny because I’m terrified of bugs.

Maybe next time I’ll remember to take my camera with me.


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